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Have an event coming up... List it here today. 

Don't wait to resister your event - so we can get it listed.

Once you select a date and a location, it's time for that big, no-turning-back-now step & sending out the invitations. Make sure you send them out as soon as possible to give the guests a fair amount of notice. You want to give everyone a chance to put the date on their calendars, juggle their schedules, and plan their vacation time.

After you’ve tracked down addresses for everyone – or as close as you’re going to get – design and mail the invitations. Then, a few weeks before the reunion, send something else out – a small little reminder to each family. You know how they are. Ask your guest to go to "" and RSVP from works - they will.

The invitations should be include ...
* Date, time, and location of the event.
* Contact person’s phone number and address.
* A description of the exciting upcoming event.
* Ask them to go to our website to RSVP from here.
* Directions on how to get to where the fun is.
* Mention if the guests should bring along anything special.



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